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We recommend that an IR35 Status Review is carried out at the beginning of every assignment and every 6 months whilst the assignment is ongoing or as and when changes occur, for example, if you agree to provide services in a different capacity or on a different project.

Well, firstly, the rules do not change, in the Private Sector, until April 2020, and so you, the contractor, are responsible for your employment status (and tax) up until that point. In addition, an up-to-date IR35 status review is a good tool to use when talking to your agency or hirer about the forthcoming changes and the way in which they are approaching the new rules.

An IR35 Status Review carried out by Brookson Legal Services consists of a review of the contract and review of the day-to-day working practices. We review your working practices by asking that you complete a questionnaire and having a discussion around how you operate. On the back of this discussion Brookson Legal Services will confirm the outcome of the review and provide you with additional advice and recommendation on how you can strengthen your IR35 position.

Yes, definitely. IR35 is assessed on each contract/assignment which the personal service company undertakes. You can be caught by IR35 on one assignment and not captured by IR35 on another. Even when you are caught by IR35, you can still benefit from being in the flat-rate VAT scheme and claim business expenses.

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Understanding IR35 in the Private Sector


The Private Sector will be subject to changes to IR35 similar to those implemented in the Public Sector in 2017. Read what we think...